Dr. Li is an Assistant Researcher at the School of Automotive Engineering, Wuhan University of Technology. His primary research areas include industrial kiln energy consumption diagnostics, fuel combustion process simulation and computational fluid dynamics, as well as kiln structural design. He is dedicated to promoting the application of clean combustion technology and low-carbon energy-saving techniques in industrial kilns. Dr. Li has led 5 projects, including the National Natural Science Youth Fund, sub-projects of the National Key Research and Development Program, and university-industry collaborations.
Education Background
PH.D.:Wuhan University of Technology, School of Materials Science and Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering (Integrated Master's and Doctoral Program)
B.Sc.: Wuhan University of Technology, School of Materials Science and Engineering, Inorganic Non-Metallic Materials Engineering

Selected Publications (Google scholar profile)

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[3] L.Li, Z.You, H.Lin*, J.Han*, J.Ruan, X.Zhao. Numerical modeling of glass pouring process at the tin bath entry with different geometry. Materials Transactions, 2019, 60(11): 2442-2450. link

[4] L.Li, J.Han*, H.Lin, J.Ruan, J.Wang, X.Zhao. Simulation of glass furnace with increased production by increasing fuel supply and introducing electric boosting. International Journal of Applied Glass Science, 2020, 11(1): 170-184. link

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